of Dignity and Bodily Autonomy

Dedicated to approaching the work by centering lived experiences and applying power-building strategies to advance reproductive health and empower Black people and communities.

In collaboration with communities, RH Impact challenges systemic inequities to achieve reproductive health equity. Through Black women-led scholarship, we apply research & evaluation to policy advocacy, capacity-building, and power-shifting strategies. We center Black women’s lived experiences, scholarship, and activism.

We are creating a world where Black communities can achieve our full potential for reproductive health, wellbeing, safety, and joy.

What We Do

Our work is rooted in reproductive justice, racial equity, and human rights frameworks to improve health equity for all by prioritizing the impacts of the social and structural determinants of health as well as their root causes (e.g., racism and other intersecting oppressions). As a nationally recognized leading voice in health and reproductive equity, we believe in the power of partnership and collaboration to create meaningful change. We are committed to dismantling systemic barriers and promoting justice to strive for a world where everyone has equal access to reproductive healthcare, education, and choice, with a particular focus on Black communities.

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About Us

RH Impact was born out of a belief that all people are worthy of dignity and bodily autonomy and a desire to see all Black people and communities thrive. Our collaborative is rooted in the reproductive justice framework, places equity at the forefront to make all things possible and uses innovative approaches to systems change. We are addressing entrenched anti-Blackness and systemic racism in existing power structures to ensure all Black communities can experience health, safety, wellbeing, and radical joy.

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