Thanks to all who support the important work of birth equity and reproductive justice. Your contribution isn’t just a gesture of support – it’s a legacy of change for the better. The fight for birth equity requires hard work and commitment. With you, we are creating a future where birth equity and reproductive justice are reality, not just a dream.

  • Mail a donation to RH Impact c/o The Praxis Project, PO Box 7259, Oakland, CA 94601. Make checks payable to The Praxis Project- RH Impact.
  • Employer Matching Gift: If your employer — or your spouse’s — offers a matching gift program, you can ask them to match your contribution. By simply informing your employer of your gift, the value of your donation can be doubled or even tripled! As RH Impact is a fiscally sponsored program of the Praxis Project, when you apply for your company’s gift match, be sure to denote: Praxis Project- RH Impact, EIN 30-0044814.
  • Recurring Gifts: Setting up a recurring gift with RH Impact is easy, convenient, and sustainable. Simply go to the online giving page, select the option, and set your monthly donation and schedule. This way, you can continue supporting the causes you deeply care about effortlessly.
  • Corporate and Organizational Partnerships: At RH Impact, we’re thrilled to connect with corporations and organizations who share our passion for social justice. Our united visions can create a profound change. To discuss how we might join forces – reach out to us at
  • Donor Advised Funds (DAFs): A donor-advised fund, or DAF, is a unique investment account created specifically with charitable giving in mind. It’s an amazing opportunity for individuals to bring together cash, stocks, or other assets under one roof, and enjoy an upfront tax deduction. Through a Donor-Advised Fund (DAF), one gets to recommend donations to causes dear to them.


We are immensely grateful to our transformational partners, who have been pivotal in advocating for reproductive rights and birth equity.

Their philanthropic dedication to our cause has furthered our mission tremendously.

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