Effects of SCOTUS’ Affirmative Action Ruling on Philanthropy

By Adrian AndersonNovember 14, 2023

The recent Supreme Court decision on affirmative action has sparked conversations not only about educational opportunities, but also about its connections to DEI initiatives – including funding support for organizations that are primarily led by/serve people of color.  As lawsuits emerge to dismantle DEI programs based on these decisions, we find ourselves at a critical intersection of our work in reproductive health and the broader landscape of equity and justice.

RH Impact is committed to working with our funding partners to strategize on how philanthropy can continue to make a lasting difference for historically marginalized groups – including Black women and their communities in the wake of this decision and its potential implications to undo efforts to achieve equity.

The Interconnected Impact on Reproductive Health and DEI

Affirmative action and DEI work share common ground—they both strive to dismantle systemic barriers. Our commitment to birth equity and reproductive justice inherently aligns with broader DEI goals, aiming to create inclusive spaces where all individuals, regardless of background, have equal access to comprehensive and respectful healthcare.

Philanthropy as a Catalyst for Change

Your philanthropic support is more critical than ever. As we navigate these challenges, your commitment to DEI in reproductive health is a beacon of hope. Your contributions directly influence our ability to advocate for inclusive healthcare access and counter challenges to DEI initiatives.

How You Can Make a Holistic Difference

  1. Sustain Your Support: Your ongoing commitment provides stability, allowing us to adapt to changing circumstances and fortify our work in both reproductive health and DEI.
  2. Amplify the Intersectionality: Share our mission with your networks and engage in conversations about the interconnected nature of reproductive health, affirmative action, and DEI. Promoting dialogue fosters a more nuanced understanding of the challenges we face.
  3. Stay Informed: A holistic approach to knowledge empowers us all. Stay informed about the evolving landscape, particularly the legal challenges to DEI programs, and encourage others to do the same. Here are a few articles to consider:

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Lawsuits Aimed at Diversity Efforts Hurt Small-Business Founders

In times of uncertainty, your support serves as a beacon of hope for a future where every individual experiences equitable access to reproductive healthcare within an inclusive and just society.

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