Krystal Leaphart

Krystal Leaphart

Senior Policy Analyst

Policy & Advocacy

Pronouns She/Her/Hers

Krystal Leaphart is the Senior Policy Analyst at the Reproductive Health Impact. In this role, Krystal, is responsible for helping to shape the RHI Federal, State and Local policy and advocacy priorities. Using her decade of experience in legislative advocacy and grassroots activism, she will make recommendations to elected officials and important stakeholders on the best way to advance birth equity using a Reproductive Justice Lens.

Prior to joining the Reproductive Health Impact, Krystal worked to make sure that elected black women across the country centered black women and girls in their policy agendas at the National Organization of Black Elected Legislative Women. Krystal is a Detroit native and considers Washington DC and Baltimore Maryland her second and third homes. She attended Howard University to pursue a B.A. Degree in Sociology.

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